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Reseller & Distributor

Country/Region Exclusive Reseller/Distributor

We support and protect our resellers/distributors in full sale, at the same time, you must have strong presence in the region for which you intend to apply for the distributionship and best reputation is required.

We warmly welcome those companies who already are among fingerprint door locks, fingerprint time attendance and access control market, we also welcome resellers/distributors who have experience in this industry and want to have new business started for such products and solutions.

We appoint resellers/distributors as per area, state or city. All enquiries from your region are sent to you for follow-up. Considering the wide application of biometric products, we have following distributor scheme:

Authorized by HDV ELECTRONICS, only to companies who already have distribution channels. The exclusive resellers/distributors should:
•  a) Resell, distribute or retail HDV ELECTRONICS products within appointed territory as a country or region.
•  b) Undertake sales target assessment.
•  c) Be responsible for ekoo brand name development, market promotion, product marketing, and completion of after service.
•  d) Be able to establish & manage sub-distribution channels within the appointed territory.
•  e) Arrange certain special sales & marketing people for HDV ELECTRONICS fingerprint products and certain qualified service engineers.
•  f) Submit complete market research report & sales plan within required time.
•  g) Able to establish distribution channels cover his domain within short period.

Advanced Region Reseller/Distributor

Authorized by HDV ELECTRONICS, advanced region distributor is available where there is no exclusive reseller/distributor.HDV ELECTRONICS will set effective limitation in quantity of advanced region distributor according to different country or region.