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Market Analysis

Market opportunity

Global video surveillance market has been experiencing significant growth for the past few years on the back of rising concerns for security and safety across the globe. This, in turn, has resulted in the increased demand for technically advanced surveillance system thereby, creating huge growth opportunities for CCTV manufacturers, operators, and distributors. The market for global CCTV market is projected to reach around US$ 19 Billion by the end of 2013, growing at a CAGR of around 21% since 2011. This growth rate undoubtedly points out that the global market has vast potential for CCTV consumption, especially in countries, where security has become a major area of concern.

At the regional level, Asia will gain significant share in the global CCTV market by 2013 end, accounting for about over 34% of the total market, close to Americas and European market. Developing countries, like India and China with huge population base will be the key drivers in the Asian market. Additionally, three major economies Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan will be the key drivers for CCTV growth in the region. The report provides reason-based analysis of the global CCTV market with focus on key growth drivers that influence present and future market outlook of the CCTV market in different geographical regions.

CCTV market mainly including the Europe and America countries, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and also Argentina, Brazil , Egypt , India, Mexico, South Africa etc. We have chosen these countries for the purpose of our market.

Before 2011, the analogue CCTV market currently dominates the global CCTV market, however the scenario will change by 2013 end. In future, network IP technology will emerge as the leading CCTV technology. Various factors that will drive the IP technology market in near future have been also covered in the report. It also details the potential growth areas for the CCTV market along with the major roadblocks. Sectors, such as retail, transportation, and healthcare have immense potential to drive the growth of the CCTV market. Moreover, the government initiatives in various countries are expected to provide a significant impetus to the market growth.


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